The VisionDeliver an immediate & positive impact on your life.

At Next Leap Training Solutions we facilitate “best in class” training programs focusing on Communication Team work and Leadership development skills.
We are passionate about providing people with the skills that will deliver positive outcomes in their career  or take their career to the next level.

Our Mission is for our workshops is to deliver an immediate positive impact on our clients professional and personal life.

We achieve results by creating an interactive, supportive safe environment where participants learn based from real life experiences.

Joyce in action
Amazing, learnt so much about myself, it’s already made a huge difference in my life.
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Our FocusYour communication and leadership skills

In today’s world effective communication is the No.1 “must have” skill in becoming a dynamic leader.

Effective communication delivers improved productivity, and creates a high performance culture.   Create an environment where team members are engaged and motivated to be their very best and have the skills to support their colleagues. 

Leadership skills aren’t just a necessity in the corporate world, its valuable in everyday life situations when there’s a requirement for someone to  lead and influence to achieve the right outcome.

The good news is that with commitment, effective communication skills can be achieved by attending one of our workshops or organising an in-house workshop. At the end of the workshop you or your team will leave with the skills and put them into practice immediately.

Our focus is on you or your team.  Share your current challenges with us and we’ll work with you to overcome the challenges.


The DetailsSee exactly how we accomplish our goals.

  • Step 1: Identify and discuss your goals.

    We begin by identifying the ultimate outcome that you want to achieve, be it in your professional career or personal life.

  • Step 2: Collaborate to identify your needs!

    We build a high trust environment for you to discuss in confidence the areas of self improvement that you want to work on. We agree and document the focus areas and timeline to deliver on your goals.

  • Step 3: Execute & Follow-up

    Execute the plan! The focus is on you to achieve your goals. Follow-up!

WorkshopsWhat’s coming up.

Meet our inspirational Joyce

Joyce Campbell


Being a successful Leader is very rewarding. It can only be achieved through a commitment in focusing on Self Leadership and Team Leadership skills. It requires dedication to continuously learn and openness to change some of our behaviours.


We are all different! Not everyone communicates the same way, there’s no right or wrong style of communication. It’s most important to remove mis-communication from our life by learning how to communicate and motivate each of the six different personality types.


Good teams can become great teams!! The most successful teams are the ones that have a high level of trust, understand and acknowledge the different positive attributes that each person brings to the team. They accept that everyone will have their not so positive attributes and support where required to get the best outcome for the team.