Conflict and You

Lead out of Drama

LEADING OUT OF DRAMA "Conflict and You"Drama is the energy vampire in every organisation, communication and relationship

Drama is what happens when people struggle against themselves and each other, with or without awareness, to feel justified about their unhealthy behavior.

Leading out of Drama

Our "Conflict and You" workshop will teach you how to lean into conflict and lead out of drama. This model for positive conflict is rapidly gaining traction worldwide as the next frontier for global leadership. It draws on evidence-based practices, a decade of outcomes research and experience across multiple organisational, cultural and team environments.

What is the cost of Drama in your business? On an average employees around the world spend approximately 2.1 hours per week.

What's drama costing your business?

Attending one of our "Conflict and You" workshops will provide you with the tools to understand the role that you play in drama and how you can navigate drama and turn it into positive energy.

Discover strategies in how to handle conflict more confidently and not avoid it. You will understand the role you play in drama and how you can effectively and successfully move out of negative drama by using “compassionate accountability”.

The Drama Triangle model was developed in 1968 by Dr. Stephen Karpman to describe unhealthy roles or positions in individual and group interaction.
It continues to be one of the most elegant and practical models to understand dysfunctional interpersonal dynamics.

What if you could exponentially increase your team’s ability to work together?

What if you could get in the middle of really tough places and walk out a winner?

What if you could reduce inefficiency, get more done and go home earlier?

What if your decision to choose compassion over drama meant more time, more influence, more productivity, more profit?

What if you could have immediate self-awareness about how you participate in and contribute to negative conflict around you?


LOD works across any application

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LOD working with customer relations
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LOD working with negotiation
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LOD delivers a compassionate alternative to drama

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